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Diego Oliveira lives in São Paulo, Brazil. He is one of the most experienced freestylers in his country. He started in freestyle football in 2005 and he’s been traveling the world showing his skills since then.


Diego has been in Ireland teaching freestyle to kids, also has showed his skills in England, EUA, Portugal, Paraguay and South Africa, where he has done a lot of charity work. He also recorded an incredible TV commercial in Malaysia, with the most famous actor in Asia, Akshay Kumar. In 2013, Diego travelled to Qatar and performed in front of many of the countries Sheiks.


Diego keeps  traveling around the world with his freestyle footbal skills doing shows, clinics and many big events. In Brazil, Diego took part of many TV shows, such as being a jugde of a competition to the entire country and winning a talent show with his amazing freestyle skills. He has also been the star of TV commercials, in which one of them he was Ronaldinho Gaucho’s double.


Diego has worked with many big brands in the world such as New Era, Volkswagen, Honda, Coca Cola, Gillette, Yahoo and Red Bull, naming a few.



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