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Ethan is regarded as one of the best Football Freestylers in the world, he only started freestyling in late 2008 and he hasn't looked back since. Ethan loves lower body moves and is considered to be a hardcore freestyler, meaning he combines the most difficult tricks together, making it look like the easiest!


Having performed at a host of venues, Ethan's talents have lead to him being used by Soccer AM for a TV slot as well as competing in the latest Red Bull UK Championships. Adding to that he has also worked with English ladies football's famous face Rachel Yankey. Recently Ethan performed at Heathrow airport for UEFA at the Champions League opening cermony, the crowd and clients were amazed at his level of freestyle.


Ethan dedicates a huge amount of time to constantly improve and in such a short space of time, As soon as he has mastered one trick, he is onto the next, this young kid really call ball with the best of them!


Even though Ethan is still of such a young age only being 19, he has already performed for the UEFA Champions League in 2011 at Wembley and again in 2013 at Wembley stadium. Ethan has also performed for Sony Playstation in Spain recently showcasing his unbelievable skills to Executives of the company.


Ethan is regarded by many as one of the leading hardcore Football Freestylers on the planet, taking lower level soccer tricks to a completely new level. Ethan is an icon within the freestyle football community and is an inspiration to all freestylers, showing where hard word and dedication to your sport can take you.



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