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The Freestylers have been involved in modelling for brands such as Nike, InterSport, Adidas and Canon as well as working with many of the country’s top sports photographers on freelance work. We are one of the premier Modelling Divisions for Sports Talent for Media, Print, TV & Film.


Our work has seen our Sports Models being used to launch new clothing lines, develop commercial campaigns, be the face of National Campaigns and the star of TV commercials. We work closely with Directors on Commercial shoots to deliver their desired outcome and our Sports Choreography Division is the finest in the business.


We can give the brand that something extra every time, with the capability to perform outrageous tricks with a football or basketball, the photographers love seeing something out of the ordinary. The tricks our football freestylers and basketball freestylers can perform really make the brand come to life.


We assist casting directors by finding specific briefs for football players, body doubles and lookalikes for commercials and films. With access to thousands of footballers globally, we can always find the right face for the job.


We have also been hired for stand-in work where they have been on set in the early hours of the morning to help the photographers ensure they have the right lighting and everything is in place. We are regularly featured in magazines such as FHM, Nuts and have been featured in local and national newspapers for stories and photos.




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