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It is important for brands want to stand out and appear different from everyone else, they want to capture people's attention and draw them into what their product is. Brands want to make their presence known immediately, develop brand fans and create a buzz around their new products, so timing is severly important to a launch.


The Freestylers Sport & Entertainment are renonwned planners and executers for product launches. We use our Football Freestylers to capture an audience through high impact, high energy performances. Our most recent product launches include the next generation of Game Consoles the XBOX One and Playstation 4 where we provided captivating entertainment throughout the night.


We have worked with some incredible brands launching a wide range of products going from Canon MKIII Cameras to L'oreal Hair Products, from BMW, Mercedes & Ford cars to new flagship stores for Adidas and NIKE. We offer a unique marketing tool for launching products, is that most people associate or have some connection to sport, so they stop and watch.


We ensure that our clients get their desired result, putting their product in the right place at the right time and getting the maximum exposure possible.



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