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Tommy Baker is a 4 times Guinness World Record holder. His breathtaking basketball freestyle skills spark excitement at events all over the world. Tommy is the Godfather of basketball freestyle, continually pushing the levels of the sport over his long career as a professional basketball freestyler.


Tommy’s success has been built on a huge, diverse client base and his ability to perform both on stage or roaming within a crowd.Tommy has proven his success as an individual and team performer, he is a great compliment to bigger productions and events. Tommy has worked with the biggest brands in world basketball from the NBA to Nike, to UEFA to Guinness.


Tommy performs locally and internationally for corporate events, product launches, store promotions, halftime shows, festivals, parties and TV commercials. His skills create an instant impact and focal point at any suitable event. Recent appearances include: NBA All-Star Weekend 2008, back-to-back winner of Nike Streetgodz competition 2007-08, Extreme Sports TV Streetball tour and a Harlem Globetrotters half-time show.


Tommy found his passion for basketball tricks in childhood and has been practising ever since. He continues to dedicate thirty hours a week to his craft, with no end in sight. His life-long dedication means that he is ready and energised to perform at any time. The unique nature of his material sets him apart from other sport-related entertainment.


Tommy's live performances continue to push the limits as he lifts the "new" craft of basketball freestyle to almost unreachable standards.



+44 (0)20 3091 7621


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